Red Rock Ranch
Grant County, New Mexico


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[1] Headquarters
[2] Main house
[3] Martin Camp
[5] Old homestead

Location & Maps

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Tenure Map

The Red Rock Ranch is approximately 30 miles north of Lordsburg via State Highway 464. The Ranch is approximately 125 miles west of Las Cruces, New Mexico and 180 miles east of Tucson, Arizona.

General Description
The Red Rock Ranch is located in the beautiful mountainous area north of the Gila River. The surrounding area is little changed from the early years of the Old West and the landscape is still pristine. It is easy to escape the modern world in this scenic location.

There are very lush riparian areas in the northern portions of the Ranch on deeded land. The vegetation and running water are very rare in the Southwest and create a very unique resource. This is an "End of the Road" property in which access can be closely controlled in these areas.

Land Tenure
The Red Rock Ranch consists of the following:






State Agricultural Lease


BLM Grazing Allotment



Carrying Capacity

The State Agricultural Lease is for 83 head annually.
The BLM Grazing Allotments are for 450 head annually.
The total carrying capacity is for 750 head on an annual basis.

Climate & Elevation
The Red Rock Ranch has a pleasant climate with winter daytime temperatures in the mid 60's and nighttime lows in the 20's. Summer daytime temperatures are in the upper 90's with lows in the mid 60's. Annual rainfall is approximately 14 inches. The elevation of the ranch varies between 4,000 and 6,000 feet.


The major vegetation is grassland with side oats grama, black grama, blue grama and tobosa as major species. Hillsides are pinon-juniper with some oak and pine. Riparian areas contain numerous sycamore and walnut trees.

Corrals & Pastures
The Ranch is well improved with five steel welded corrals and ten pastures. Fencing is in excellent shape with many steel gates. There are livestock scales at the shipping corrals which have easy access.


Headquarters (please see photo [1] above):

  • Main House (photo [2]): approximately 2,000 square foot home with three bedrooms and one bath.
  • Bunk House: approximately 1,800 square foot
  • Metal barn and steel corrals
  • Masonry shop/storage
  • Walk-in meat cooler

Martin Camp (on State Land) (photo [3]):

  • Stone House: approximately 1,500 square feet
  • Metal barn and steel corrals
The Ranch is well watered with nine wells and numerous springs. Four wells have electricity and supply pipeline to other areas. There is seasonal live water in some areas with the majority in Blue Creek.

Electricity and telephone are available at the Headquarters and Martin Camp. Propane is available from local suppliers and sewage disposal is via septic tank. A dumpster is available at Red Rock for garbage disposal.

Taxes & Fees

2005 Real Estate Taxes

$ 4,600.06

2005 State Grazing Fees

$ 4,432.07

2005 BLM Grazing Fees

$ 6.014.40



Cattle & Equipment
Livestock and ranch equipment are not included in the sale price but are available by private treaty.

The Red Rock Ranch has abundant wildlife. Mule deer and white tail deer are very common. Other mammals include black bear, mountain lion, bobcat, coatimundi, and badgers. There are numerous species of birds and the area is known for its wildlife viewing opportunities.

Reduced to $3,800,000; this is the final price reduction.

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