Kimble Ranch
Cochise County, Arizona
and Hidalgo County, New Mexico


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[1] Main residence
[2] Hay barn/tack shed
[3] Employee house
[4] Shipping corral
[5] Shipping corral
[6] Main residence well
[7] Storage trough on main pipeline
[8] Patterson well
[9] Dirt stock tank
[10] East across ranch; USFS allotment in mountains
[11] Range in Southern end of ranch
[12] Rangeland
[13] Foothill on East side
[14] Swimming hole


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Location map
Topography/Tenure map with a possible ranch split
Aerial map

General Description
The Kimble Ranch has been owned by the Kimble family for three generations and is one of the reputation ranches in southeastern Arizona/ southwestern New Mexico.

It is scenically nestled between the Chiricahua and Peloncilla Mountain ranges at the south end of the San Simon Valley on U.S. Highway 80.  40 miles southwest is historic Douglas , Arizona and the border of Mexico. Rodeo, New Mexico, is 12 miles to the north. The Kimble Ranch and one neighboring ranch share the control of the access from Highway 80 with a locked gate.

The Kimble Ranch is part of an area located in what is nationally known as the Malpai Borderlands, thought to be one of the most biologically diverse habitats in North America. Rodeo N.M. and Portal, Arizona, 21 miles northwest of the Ranch are popular locations for birds watchers along with a diverse population of flora and fauna.The presumed location for the surrender of Geronimo is at the end of the Ranch road and the Kimble Ranch owner's rock house was the headquarters for the famous San Simon Cattle Company in the late 1890's. The Ranch is home to numerous Indian ruins, hidden canyons, deer, quail, antelope, and javalina. Due to the natural beauty of the grasslands and mountains it has been the site of numerous commercial photographic features including Marlboro and Arizona Highways.

The Ranch owner is on the Board of Directors of the Malpai Borderlands Group which focuses on building working relationships with the U.S. Forest Service, Fish and Game, and various conservation groups. There is a conservation easement on the deeded land held by the Malpai Borderlands Group.

Land Tenure

  • Deeded - 9,226 acres
  • Arizona State Lease - 9,361.27 acres
  • New Mexico State Lease - 747.61acres
  • U.S. Forest Service - 4,470 acres
  • BLM - 1,356 acres

Carrying Capacity
Estimated carrying capacity is 550 adult cattle yearlong.

Vegetation, Elevation & Climate 
The Kimble Ranch is characterized as open grassland with scattered stands of mesquite in the valley, and grassland with scattered mesquite, juniper, and oak in the foothills and mountains on the eastern edge. Vegetation is classified as Desert Grassland in the valley and Oak Woodlands in the higher elevation in the mountains. Primary grasses include Tobosa, sacaton, lovegrass, and cottontop in the Desert Grassland  transitioning to include various grama grasses and curly mesquite in the foothills and mountains.

Terrain is flat to rolling in the valley with hills and mountains on the east side. Elevation ranges from 4,330 ft at the north boundary to 4,680 ft on the south boundary in the valley and from 4,400 to 5,880 ft in the mountains.

Weather records at Rodeo, elevation  4,120 feet, indicate average annual precipitation of 11.21 inches, mean maximum July temperature of 95.5 degrees and mean minimum January temperature of 26.2 degrees.

Livestock water is provided by three wells and 15 dirt tanks. Two of the wells have pipelines with steel storage tanks and troughs. The pipeline from the Headquarters Well is a major line that runs east-west across the southern and eastern areas of the Ranch


Main Residence - 2,856 sq ft; 6 rooms, 2 baths: Concrete foundation, rock and concrete block construction, composition
shingle roof.

Attached Garage - 625 sq ft; steel frame, metal exterior, includes utility room.

Shop - 800 sq ft; concrete floor, brick construction, metal roof  roof; Includes a 240 sq ft bunk room with bath.

Hay Barn - 1,600 sq ft; metal pole construction; concrete slab,  metal roof. Tack shed under in barn; 432 sq ft; wood frame, board   walls and  roof with metal exterior.

Storage Shed - 400 sq ft; Wood frame, wood exterior, corrugated  metal roof.

Employee Building Site:

Dwelling -  1,580 sq ft; concrete and rock foundation, rock and  concrete block construction with stucco exterior, comp shingle roof.  7 rooms, 2 bath; screened utility porch and screened front porch.

Storage/carport - 500 sq ft carport; metal pole, dirt floor, metal roof  includes 240 sq ft wood storage shed.

Shop - 720 sq ft; wood frame, wood exterior, metal roof.

Barn at Shipping Corrals - 1,500 sq ft; mixed construction, Wood  frame with wood exterior, metal roof; steel frame with metal exterior. Includes tack room. Hay storage and shed attached.  


Headquarters -  Page and V-mesh wire on RR tie and wood posts.  2x boards on RR ties and wood post on end in alleys and working areas; Squeeze chute; Wood loading chute.

Shipping Corral #1 - 2 x boards/v-mesh wire on RR ties and RR ties  on end, metal gates, metal and pipe working alley on steel pipe   posts with metal catwalk, squeeze chute with working alley,  5 ton  livestock scale with wood frame scale house, Steel pipe and frame  semi  truck loading chute and RR tie/board gooseneck loading  chute.

Shipping Corral #2 - V-mesh wire on RR tie posts, pipe alley,  squeeze chute, wood gooseneck loading chute.

Darnell Roping Arena - Page wire on RR tie and steel posts, pipe  stripping chute.

Electricity and telephone are available at the building sites, with electricity at the wells. Domestic water by private wells. Septic tanks at the building sites.

Taxes and Fees
Real Estate taxes and grazing fees for 2010/2011 are:

  • Real Estate Taxes - Arizona-$3,096.98;  N.M. - $1,293.22
  • Arizona State Grazing fees - $5,216.45
  • New Mexico State Grazing fees - $602.95
  • BLM Grazing fees - $437.40
  • Forest Service - $1,470

The Kimble Ranch is one of the historic reputation cow ranches in Cochise County. The deeded and State Land is divided into 20 pastures with permanent water in all but a few smaller pastures. These pastures and the higher elevation in the hills and mountains on the east side provides seasonal balance and enables rotational pasture management. The Ranch is currently under contract with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) for a grubbing project to eliminate mesquite on 3 pastures, and is entering its second season of a prescribed layout on this area for promoting grass regrowth. The Kimble's have been grubbing mesquite and reseeding pastures since the early 1980's


This ranch is also offered in two units:

East Ranch
West Ranch
Deeded acres
AZ Lease acres
NM Lease acres
BLM acres
U.S. Forest Service acres
Capacity (AU Yearlong)
Two building sites
No buildings

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