Notes on the artwork for our website

Panorama from Point Sublime - Looking South

Panorama from Point Sublime - Looking East

Foot of the Toroweap - Looking East

The Transept, Kaibab Division

As the "web guy" I am sometimes asked where the picture of the Grand Canyon on our home page came from. I hope this page answers any questions that you may have.

The pictures are drawn by William H. Holmes and are from Clarence E. Dutton's Atlas to Accompany the Monograph on the Tertiary History of the Grand Caņon District. Originally printed in 1882 (Washington) by the US Geological Survey - it is arguably the finest book every produced on the Grand Canyon. According to the Library of Congress, Dutton was the leading scientific illustrator of topographic and geologic phenomena for the Great Western Surveys following the Civil War.


  • A great deal of the volume has been beautifully reproduced digitally both by the David Rumsey Collection and the Library of Congress' "American Memory Collection".
  • The University of Arizona has published a reprint.
  • Francis Farquhar's The Books of the Colorado River & The Grand Canyon (1953), is considered to be the definitive (through its date of publication) bibliography on the Grand Canyon.