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Traegen grew up in Springerville, Arizona working on his family’s ranch.  In youth he was heavily involved in 4-H and FFA through high school.  Traegen obtained a B.S. degree in Agribusiness from Arizona State University in 1999 and began a career in farm and ranch real state in 2000. 

Traegen joined Headquarters West, Ltd. in 2004 where he performs appraisal writing on farms and ranches of various sizes throughout Arizona and New Mexico.  He provides real estate consulting, management, land research, mineral/water lease and royalty negotiations.  Traegen has served as an expert witness providing testimony for administrative hearings on real estate values and ranch management as well as real estate depositions.  He performs ranch, farm and property sales and marketing throughout Arizona and New Mexico.  He is also an estate executor for a large ranching family in Arizona.  Traegen recently served as a commissioner on a three member panel for a large real estate partition case in northern Arizona.  Traegen, along with his wife Marilyn and their five children, own and operator a 500+ head commercial cow/calf business in northern Arizona.  Volunteer work includes helping with the local 4-H activities, Apache County Fair, Boys & Girls Club, youth basketball and the Arizona National Livestock Show.

Professional License

Arizona Real Estate Salesperson License - #686603
Arizona Certified General Real Estate Appraiser - #31167

Agricultural and Civic Organizations

American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers
Arizona Cattle Grower's Association
National FFA Alumni Association - Lifetime Member
Arizona State FFA Alumni Association - Lifetime Member
Apache County Fair
Boys & Girls Club
Youth Basketball
Arizona National Livestock Show - Auction Committee Member


B.S. Degree in Agribusiness from ASU, 1999

Appraisal Qualifications
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Current listings


Dutch Mountain Ranch

52 deeded acres, 55AU

The Dutch Mountain Ranch contains no building improvements and consists of a checkerboard land tenure of Arizona State Trust land and open range surface grazing. The property is boundary fenced with the entire ranch being operated as one pasture. The deeded land lies just outside the ranch fence line on the northeast corner of the ranch and is accessed via a fenced lane from the corner of the ranch. The deeded land has great access approximately one mile south of State Highway 61 and includes electrical service along the western edge of the property. There is a domestic/livestock well located in the southeast corner of the deeded land. The well has an electric meter and is run by an electric submersible pump. Dutch Mountain is the large geographical feature in the area and lies in the middle of the ranch with an elevation over 7,100’. The open range subdivision grazing lands are intermixed with the state sections and have scattered parcels with a few houses on the property. These lands are available for grazing until the property owner chooses to fence their property. The main livestock water and corrals are located near the center of the ranch on an Arizona State Trust section on the southwest flank of Dutch Mountain.



Goodwater Ranch

18,292 acres, 342 deeded acres, 200 AU.

There are 342 acres of private land on the ranch with the majority being located in one contiguous block around the headquarters of the ranch near the center of the grazing area and directly adjacent to the railroad. The headquarters site includes approximately 100 acres of fallow farmland which was historically watered by two irrigation wells. The farm has been fallow for over thirty years and the condition of the well equipment is unknown.



Little Colorado River Ranch - Springerville, Apache County

The ranch consists of a mixture of private, state and blm lease lands with nearly three miles of the Little Colorado River running through the ranch. Two miles of the river are on deeded land with 140 acres irrigated farmland lying on both banks of the river. There is an additional 260 acres of sub-irrigated meadow and riparian land within the ranch. The meadow and irrigated farm are planted in improved permanent pasture and utilized for livestock grazing during the summer months. The Little Colorado River is a live, year-round running stream which provides bountiful livestock water. Decreed surface water rights are utilized to irrigate pastures and supplemented with two irrigation wells in dry periods. The farm is watered primarily with gravity flow ditch and flood irrigation by gated pipe. Cattle have historically been grazed on the farm during the summer months and moved to the native rangeland in the winter. The ranch headquarters includes a historic adobe home overlooking the main farm with several barns and outbuildings. Additional buildings include a managers house, shop, tack barn and hay barn. There is a full set of steel working corrals near the manager’s house. The winter pastures on the ranch are primarily native range on the State grazing lease surrounding the farm. The ranch is fenced and cross-fenced for a simple rotational grazing system.

The ranch also includes significant rock and gravel resources including basalt, limestone and sand/gravel.  This resource has the potential to provide significant income to the property.



Alpine 85 Acres - Apache County

One of the finest properties in Alpine because of its beauty and location near town while offering complete privacy. The property is sandwiched between the Bush Valley and Escudilla Mountain, lies at 8,000 feet elevation and includes 85 deeded acres. With tremendous views overlooking the Bush Valley, San Francisco River and surrounding mountain tops the property backs up to national forest and includes paved access from US Highway 180. The property lies in two contiguous parcels with the entire north boundary being along the national forest. The front parcel includes approximately 45 acres and over a quarter mile of paved frontage along the highway. The 45 acres is roughly rectangular in shape with the western boundary coming to a point along the highway. Topography is generally sloping from north to south towards the highway with an open meadow located on the eastern edge. This area includes an earthen tank designed to catch run-off for livestock water. There is also a small spring near the center of the property which provides a small area of sub-irrigated meadow. The second parcel includes 40 acres and is located to the northeast of the first parcel and is connected by a property corner and road easement. The 40 acres is square in shape and is surrounded by national forest on the west, north and east boundaries. Topography on the 40 acres includes hillside dropping off to an open meadow reaching through the center of the property. Both parcels include some open meadow but have large stands of ponderosa pine and live oak trees. The extensive tree cover provides privacy and numerous building sites. The trees have been thinned and managed for wildfire protection within the past five years. Vegetation consists of ponderosa pine forest and alpine meadow grasses.


St. Johns River Ranch - Apache County

The River Ranch is roughly rectangular in shape being three miles from north to south and one mile from east to west and a half mile wide at the narrowest portion. The Little Colorado River (LCR) runs from east to west through the center of the property on the deeded land. Improvements consist of boundary fencing and a windmill along the LCR with a small set of livestock holding corrals. The windmill and corrals are located near the center of the ranch along the LCR.


Old Greer Ranch - St. Johns, Apache County

Topography is level to gently rolling hills with open grasslands and some browse species. The deeded land reaches eastward back toward St. Johns up on the hill just west of town. There are no building improvements on the ranch with contributory value. There is one old, homestead adobe house which is partial caved in beginning to fall down. The eastern property has several small springs on the property which feeds two small ponds for livestock water and sub-irrigates over 40 acres of pasture. Historically, the springs were used to irrigate a small orchard, garden and some pasture in front of the homestead.


Hunt Valley Ranch

The ranch is generally rectangular in shape being three miles from north to south and one mile wide including a total of 1,173 deeded acres.  The building improvements are situated at 5,480 feet in elevation with the ranch ranging from 5,440 on the northern end to 5,600 on the hillside south of US Highway 180.  Building improvements include a single family residence constructed in the 1950’s with an addition done in the 1980’s.  The house is of wood frame construction on concrete foundation and floors in fair condition.  There is an attached 2 car garage.  The house has not been lived in for many years and the house is considered to be in disrepair.  Vegetation is generally open grassland with some scattered junipers throughout.  There are a few scattered fruit trees in the yard around the house and a small 1-2 acre irrigated field directly northeast of the house which is currently planted with improved pasture for grazing.  There was an old apple orchard located on the northeast edge of the ranch which has not been farmed in many years.  All of the orchard trees have died.  Remnants of the old trees, fencing and irrigation ditch are still present.  There is also 320 acres of grazing land which is leased from the Zuni Indian Tribe.  The property is directly adjacent to the subject on the northern boundary and provides a good source of additional livestock forage.


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Little Reservoir Ranch - Apache County, Arizona
The ranch consists of a mixture of private, state, blm and open range grazing acreage. The open range property includes surface grazing rights within the River Springs Ranch area outside of St. Johns. The state and blm land is somewhat intermixed with the surface grazing and includes a large block of contiguous state land on the eastern portion of the ranch. The ranch headquarters includes a 2001 Palm Harbor 28’x60’ mobile home in good condition, a 40’x40’ large metal shop building and extensive set of working corrals all located on a 160 acre block of deeded land. A second home is located directly adjacent to the County road approximately two miles west of the headquarters and contains a 1998 Palm Harbor, 26’x68’ model home in good condition. Both building sites include a residential well which also provides livestock water. Public utility electrical service is available and in use at both building sites.



Broken L Badlands - Apache County, Arizona
Broken Badlands Ranch is approximately 3-4 miles from north to south and five miles from east to west. The ranch is in a checkerboard fashion with alternating private and state/federal lease lands. There is nearly 5.5 sections Arizona State lease, 2.5 sections BLM lease and 6 sections open range grazing in addition to the 1,760 deeded acres owned. The ranch is very well improved for livestock use. There are four wells equipped with solar pumps each with newer poly storage tanks and numerous drinkers. Two of the wells supply nearly five miles of pipeline. There is a large dirt tank near the center of the ranch for additional water. The ranch is fenced and cross fenced into three main pastures and two smaller holding traps. The fencing is in new or newly repaired condition. There are three range corrals located on the property where cattle can be gathered for doctoring, branding or loading.


Crooked H Ranch - Yavapai, Coconino, Navajo Counties
The ranch includes a summer range, winter range, summer headquarters, and an irrigated farm as the base property.


Ortega Lake Ranch - Apache County, Arizona
The ranch is located in west central Apache County approximately 20 miles east of Show Low and 15 miles west of St. Johns, Arizona and immediately west of Concho Valley. State Highway 61 runs through the ranch from west to east with approximately two thirds of the ranch north of the highway and one third south of the highway. The majority of the deeded land is contained in two primary blocks, both being south of Highway 61 at Laguna Salado and Mineral Creek. The Laguna Salado block contains 320 acres and is directly south of Highway 61 on the western boundary of the ranch. The Mineral Creek parcel contains 174 acres and is located south of Highway 61 approximately 8 miles along Mineral Creek. There are numerous county, private and ranch roads providing vehicle access throughout the ranch.


H Bar V Ranch - Apache and Catron Counties
The H-V Ranch consists of approximately 5,876 acres of deeded land in Arizona and New Mexico with an additional 80,751 acres National Forest leas land in the Quemado Ranger District of the Gila National Forest.  The ranch headquarters is located on approximately 1,392 deeded acres in Arizona along Coyote Creek.  Building improvements at the main headquarters site include a manager’s house, five cabins, three hay barns and numerous out buildings.  There is also a full set of working corrals at the headquarters.  There is approximately 360 acres of irrigated farm land along Coyote Creek, irrigated with diversionary and storage rights on Coyote Creek.  H-V Reservoir and Lake Marie are used as the storage reservoirs for the irrigation water.  Recently, only 120 acres have been farmed due to drought and lack of available irrigation water.  The Gribble Cow Camp is located on approximately 4,445 deeded acres in the Spur Lake Basin in New Mexico, near the east central portion of the ranch.  Building improvements consist of a cowboy cabin/house, a bunkhouse, large hay shed, several outbuildings and a complete set of working corrals.  Bill Knight Spring contains the remaining 40-acres of deeded land and is located just off Forest Road 19, one mile before coming to Spur Lake Basin.  The ranch is located on both sides of the Arizona/New Mexico state line.  The majority of the grazing allotment and the Gribble Place is located in New Mexico within the boundary of the Apache National Forest.  The property is operated as a single unit and utilized for cattle grazing.  Topography and vegetation varies significantly throughout the ranch from open rolling grassland to scattered pinion/juniper woodlands, to high mountain elevations with ponderosa, conifer and aspen trees.