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Walnut Creek Ranch
Mohave County, Arizona


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[1] Wabayuma Peak
[2] Old camp twin mills
[3] Old camp twin mills
[4] Rock Creek Canyon
[5] Wabayuma Peak towards Rock Canyon
[6] Tin Barn
[7] Well 1
[8] Well 2
[9] Well 3
[10] Hogue Well
[11] HQ 1
[12] HQ 2
[13] HQ 3
[14] Main shipping pens
[15] Large old saguaro
[16] Cottonwood Canyon
corrals drinker
[17] Cottonwood Canyon
corrals tank
[18] Cottonwood Spring
[19] Dunkin Tank
[20] Haystack
[21] Lazy YU 1
[22] Lazy YU 2
[23] Lazy YU3
[24] Petroglyphs

Location & Maps

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Location map
Neighborhood map
Topographic map
Aerial map

The Walnut Creek Ranch is located south of Kingman in Mohave County, Arizona. The headquarters are accessed 13 miles south of Kingman from Interstate 40 at the Griffith Road exit (#37).  The ranch lays entirely east of I-40 and the BNSF railway which parallels the highway.  The headquarters are located 7.5 miles east of I-40 on a ranch-maintained dirt road (Walnut Creek Road).

Size & Carrying Capacity
The ranch’s deeded land sits in four non-contiguous parcels throughout the ranch.  There is 320 acres at the headquarters, 80 acres at the shipping pens, 80 acres at Hogan’s Well and 160 acres at Rock Canyon. The Walnut Creek and Lazy YU Ranches operate on over 150 sections of privately owned, BLM, State of Arizona and minimal amounts of other private/adverse lands. There are approximately four sections of private land scattered throughout the Walnut Creek allotment that are adversely grazed. A substantial amount of adverse land in the Lazy YU allotment is fenced out and not grazed.  The Walnut Creek BLM allotment has 2,026 of suspended AUMs not in the following carrying capacity. The acreage and carrying capacity of the ranch is broken down as follows:

Lazy YU State #05-908
13.0 AU (156 AUM)
Lazy YU Unit A BLM #AZ00052
94.0 AU (948 active AUM)
Walnut Creek BLM #AZ00073
496 AU & 6 horses (5,843 active AUM)
Ranch Totals:
603 AU & 6 horses


From the Griffith Road Exit #37 on Interstate 40 Walnut Creek Road crosses the BNSF railway.  The shipping corrals are approximately 4 miles and the headquarters are 7.5 miles east of I-40 on Walnut Creek Road.  This road to the headquarters is privately maintained by the ranch and is an average condition road that allows for typical ranch access throughout the year. All other roads on the ranch are rougher four-wheel drive roads or trails. Walnut Creek Road has historically crossed the BNSF railway and the ranch has utilized this road without any restriction. However, the seller and broker make no representation on legal sufficiency of the road crossing the BNSF railway.  The Walnut Creek Ranch is enrolled in the Arizona Game and Fish Public Access and Habitat Incentive Program. There is a sportsman sign in/out box on Walnut Creek Road entering the ranch.

Physical Characteristics
The Walnut Creek and Lazy YU Ranches are in great operating condition with current ownership doing a fantastic job at maintaining and improving this ranch’s infrastructure and water system. It is a desert to mountain ranch running on nearly 150 sections.  Elevations are approximately 2,160’ in the southwest end to 7,601’ at Wabayuma Peak.  About 1/3rd of the ranch is in the level Sacramento Valley on the west end while the other 2/3rds of the ranch are in the Hualapai Mountains on the east end.  There are three main canyons in the Hulapai Mountains on the Walnut Creek allotment that essentially are used as pastures, Cottonwood Canyon is on the north end, Walnut Creek is in the middle and Rock Canyon is on the south end. The Lazy YU allotment is on the north end of the Walnut Creek allotment and is separately fenced as a single pasture. There is a good mix of lower desert country for annual feed, in the higher elevations is gramma grasses, PJ and even ponderosa pine at the higher elevations.  The deeded land is in four non-contiguous tracts scattered around the Wabayuma Peak Wilderness Area which is largely in the central to southeastern end of the ranch.  The ranch sits entirely within Arizona Game and Fish’s Unit 16A with elk, javelena, mountain lion, mule deer, mourning and white-wing dove and Gambel’s quail.

Headquarter improvements consist of a 2003 Karsten 28’ x 68’ manufactured home, a 1994 Fleetwood Highland 28’ x 65’ manufactured home, saddle shop, tool shop, solar system – panels & batteries.  There is a Yanmar generator, two Gentik generators, a welder and air compressor are also included in the sale.

There are 46 springs, 16 wells, several dirt tanks, one trick tank and seasonal live water on the ranch. These water sources occur on a mix of the ranch’s private, BLM and State lands with ranch ownership having registered multiple filings with the Arizona Department of Water Resources for some of these water sources. Wells are powered by windmills and submersible pumps powered by generator or solar.  Some of the wells and springs are tied to pipelines. There are seven pipelines on the ranch totaling approximately 28.5 miles of pipeline. There are multiple storage tanks and drinkers on these pipelines. 

The ranch is controlled by Mohave County’s Rural Residential zoning with a minimum parcel size of 36 acres (AR/36A). This is the rural holding zoning for most of Mohave County, residential and agriculture uses are allowed.

There is no public electricity or telephone services to the ranch.  Electricity at the headquarters is from solar and generator. There is cellular phone service at the headquarters but it is spotty throughout the rest of the ranch. Domestic water is from wells and sewer is by septic tanks.

Property Taxes
The 2018 taxes for the Ranch (Parcel No.’s: 206-01-030, 206-01-012, 208-20-013, 206-01-031,    206-03-031) are $216.40. There are no special assessments paid outside of the property tax bill. These property taxes are representative of having an Agricultural Exemption with the Mohave County Assessor. The 2018 Arizona State Land Department grazing fee is $2.81 per AUM and the BLM grazing fee is $1.41 per AUM.  Based on full use of the ranch’s active AUMs the state lease grazing fees would be $438.36 and the BLM grazing fees would be $9,575.31. The total 2018 property tax and full use grazing fee bills totaled $10,230.07.

This ranch has been fully stocked for over 15 years and is set in an extremely scenic and attractive setting where two deserts (Sonoran and Mohave) meet at the “sky island” of the Hualapai Mountains.  This unique vegetative diversity allows the ranch to run substantial numbers even in drought years.  The ranch is made for a cowman with functional and well-maintained improvements.

$2,500,000 cash or terms acceptable to the owner.
The ranch is shown by appointment only to qualified buyers.

Printable Brochure
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Disclaimer: This information was obtained from sources deemed to be reliable but is not guaranteed by the Broker. Prospective buyers should check all the facts to their satisfaction. The property is subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal.

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