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Howard Mesa Ranch
Coconino County, Arizona


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Headuqarters Shipping Pens
Hay shed/shop; Horse shed
Dirt Stock Tank
Pipeline Storage Tank
Mixon Tank
Mixon Tank Shipping Pens
Pipeline Storage Tank
Rock House
North Central Rangeland
Road across middle of Ranch
Fall roundup

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Location & Maps

Location map
Topo map
Aerial Deeded
Aerial (alternate)

The Howard Mesa Ranch is located 17 miles north of Williams and Interstate 40 and 41 miles south of the Grand Canyon on State Highway 64.  The ranch headquarters is ¼ mile east of Highway 64 at 10670 Howard Mesa Loop, Williams, AZ.  Accessibility to the interior of the ranch is good by gravel and dirt roads with improved roads being maintained by the Howard Mesa and Four Hills Ranch Property Owner’s Association.  County maintained Espee Road is a gravel road which bisects the southwest corner of the ranch.

The Howard Mesa Ranch’s 90+ square miles run approximately 13 miles east to west by eight miles north to south.  It consists of deeded land, alternating sections of State Grazing Leases and adversely owned subdivision land that lie in a checkerboard pattern.  Topography is level to gently rolling with a band of hills and small mountains along Cataract Canyon.  Howard Mesa is just east of the headquarters at 6,800 ft. General elevations of the ranch are from 6,000 ft. on the south end to 5,800 ft. on the north end.  Highway 64 and the Grand Canyon Railroad run north-south through the eastern end of the ranch.

Acreage & Carrying Capacity
The estimated carrying capacity of the deeded land and adverse grazing land is based on the State Land Department’s capacity for the two Howard Mesa Ranch leases:

Arizona State Land Department Grazing Leases
Adverse Unfenced

There are two Arizona State Land Department Grazing Leases on the Howard Mesa Ranch:

Lease name
Lease No.
Howard Mesa 05-624 10,457.52 130.6
Four Hills 05-1702 8,002.12  137.4

The subdivision CC&Rs declare that the grazing rights to the lots in the ranch are retained by the developer or assignee until a lot is fenced.  The fence must be adequate to help keep livestock off and must be set back at least 30’ from parcel boundaries, ranch waters on adverse must not be fenced off from livestock. 

The Howard Mesa Ranch improvements affords either an owner or manager to live on site at the headquarters and at the Rock House camp on Cataract Canyon.  Range improvements are in good shape and provide for effective range management and livestock handling.

The headquarter improvements include:

  • Main Home - 1,861 s.f. site built home with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, loft, kitchen, living room and cellar with an attached 635 s.f. two car garage and 248 s.f. of covered porch.  The main home has recently been updated/remodeled.  There is a 2,500 gallon above ground cistern and 3,000 gallon buried cistern for water.
  • Bunkhouse - 685 s.f. slump block bunkhouse with 138 s.f. covered porch, the bunkhouse has one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen/living area and an unfinished room.
  • Shop/Hay Barn - 4,676 s.f. steel constructed building with approximately a 35’ x 35’ fully enclosed shop with 220-volt electric supply on a concrete pad and two roll up doors.  The hay barn portion is approximately 100’ x 35’ that is enclosed on three sides and open on the fourth side.  The roof of the shop/hay barn collects rainwater to a 10,000 gallon storage tank which waters the corrals.
  • Horse Barn – 1,008 s.f. steel constructed building with approximately half (25’ x 12’) being covered areas for livestock and half being on a concrete pad with smaller enclosed tack room.
  • Shipping Corrals – a good set of steel corrals with loading chute, scales and a hydraulic squeeze chute under a covered shade. Overhead cake bin storage is also at the headquarters for supplemental feeding.

Improvements at the Rock House camp on Cataract Canyon include an older site built home, a wood barn and working corrals.  Rock House camp is centrally located near the middle of the ranch.  In the southwest end of the ranch at Mixon Tank is another set of steel shipping corrals.  These corrals are similar to the shipping corrals at the headquarters and have a scale, loading chute and manual squeeze chute and are located approximately ½ mile off of county maintained Espee Road.  The ranch boundary is fenced and there are 10 main pastures with smaller traps and working corrals throughout around waters, the headquarters and Rock House camp.

The major vegetation on the ranch is short grassland with a belt of Pinon-Juniper in the Four Hills and along Cataract Canyon.  Short grassland is characterized as open rangeland with some areas with moderate to scattered stands of Juniper.

The ranch is well watered by a pipeline, dirt tanks and seasonal water in Cataract Canyon.  The pipeline is approximately 30 miles long proving water by gravity flow to the majority of the ranch.  The pipeline begins at Howard Lake at the Headquarters and provides water to most all the major pastures.  The water is supplied by a series of reservoirs with metal storage tank at each site along the pipeline.  Water collected in the reservoirs is pumped into the metal storage tanks with a centrifugal pump.  There are 14 storage tanks that vary in capacity from 5,000 gallons to 100,000 gallons along the pipeline.  Not including storage capacity from numerous drinkers, the 14 storage tanks provide approximately 500,000 gallons of storage.  If supplemental water is necessary, it can be purchased from a well at the community of Valle eight miles north of the headquarters for $0.025 per gallon.

Zoning & Utilities
The deeded land is zoned by Coconino County General with a 10-acre minimum parcel size, AR-2 with a two-acre minimum, and AR-3 with a three-acre minimum.  Portions of the deeded land are subject to the Howard Mesa Ranch subdivision CC&Rs, portions are also in the Clear Air Estates subdivision (no CC&Rs) and portions of the deeded land are not within a subdivision.

There are electric and telephone services only to the headquarters, the other deeded land parcels do not have electric or telephone although cellular service is adequate.  Sewer is from septic tanks at the headquarters and Rock House, trash, tv/internet and propane services are available by private suppliers.  Potable water hauling service is available in most areas of the ranch including the headquarters and Rock House camp.

Taxes & Grazing Fees
The 2016 Arizona State Land Department grazing fee is $3.45/AUM and is based on actual use. For full use the grazing leases would have a bill of $11,095.20. The 2016 property tax bill for the deeded land (44 tax parcels) is $9,215.66.  Four of the deeded parcels pay the Howard Mesa Ranch POA assessment of $235 per year.  Thus the total tax, assessment and full use ASLD grazing fee bill for 2016 is $21,250.86.

The ranch is offered with a 2003 Chevrolet ¾ ton 4x4 gas motor pickup, two gooseneck livestock trailers, a Ford 8000 water truck (has a new Caterpillar diesel motor) with 4,000-gallon tank, one 4,000-gallon water tank trailer, Polaris Xplorer 4x4 ATV, water line maintenance trailer, overhead cake bin storage with two hopper feeders, hydraulic squeeze chute, new 10k amp generator, 2 hp submersible pump and control box, three 2” trash pumps (one new), 1,200’ of 2¼“ pipe, one new gas air compressor, various welders and equipment.  Livestock, feed inventory and any other equipment not mentioned here is not included.


  • Flood Hazards – the ranch is located in an area of non-printed FEMA flood maps although portions of the deeded land may be affected by flooding hazards.
  • Access – the deeded land portions in Clear Air Estates and some of the unsubdivided lands may not have legal or physical access on their own.  The two Arizona State Grazing Lease’s allow the owner reasonable legal and physical access to deeded land. 
  • Real Estate Agent – one of the owner’s is a licensed Arizona Real Estate Salesman.
  • Water/Mineral Rights – no guarantee to the amount and quantity of water rights or mineral rights are made by the broker or owner.  Whatever water and mineral rights are owned by the seller will be conveyed.
  • Agricultural Offering – nothing in this offering is to be construed as a subdivision offering, the property is a livestock ranch with agriculture uses as entitled by law and matters of public record.

The Howard Mesa Ranch is located in great year round grazing country with a mild climate.  The grazing rights on the subdivision have been attentively retained with lot fencing requirements and easements to waters.  Interior ranch access is good on improved gravel roads.  There are not many residences built in the subdivision.  The water pipeline system is in good working condition which allows for good distribution of livestock throughout the range.

$2,900,000 cash

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Offered for sale exclusively by:
Con Englehorn
Headquarters West Ltd.
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- and -
Paul Groseta
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Cottonwood, AZ 86326
Office: (928) 634-8110, Cell (928) 853-8369
Email: paul@headquarterswest.com

Web: www.headquarterswest.com/howardmesa

Disclaimer: This information was obtained from sources deemed to be reliable but is not guaranteed by the Broker. Prospective buyers should check all the facts to their satisfaction. The property is subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal.

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