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Collins C6 Ranch
Santa Cruz County, Arizona



Location & Maps

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USFS Allotment Map
Pipeline Map (6/21/2011)

The C6 Ranch lies between Patagonia and Sonoita, Arizona, in Santa Cruz County. Basically, it is situated south of Sonoita and east of Patagonia at the northwest end of the Canelo Hills.

General Description
The C6 is comprised of steep hills, ridges, and expansive canyons. The ridgeline of the Canelo Hills, running from Southeast to Northwest, creates a natural divide through the ranch. Strong grass country, the land contained in the ranch is striking and picturesque in appearance.

Carrying Capacity
The carrying capacity of the Crittenden Allotment No. 314 is currently rated by the U.S. Forest Service at 215 head of cattle year-long.

Size and Land Tenure

    The C6 ranch contains approximately 12,964.15 acres.

  • Deeded Land
    The C6 deeded land consists of two parcels totaling a little more than 45 acres. The larger parcel includes 40 acres and adjoins the Coronado National Forest. The C6 headquarters is situated on this 40 acres, and its improvements include a 1,600 square foot home built in 2005-2006, a barn, and corrals for working livestock. An additional (and separate) 5+ acres of land in a single parcel are conveniently located a little less than 2.5 miles south of Sonoita on the east side of the ranch, and has a set of corrals for handling livestock. This parcel of land includes an outstanding home site, a well, and also borders the Coronado National Forest.

  • Grazing Permit
    The United States Forest Service grazing allotment that accompanies the C6 Ranch is known as the Crittenden Allotment No.314. It is part of the Sierra Vista District of the Coronado National Forest, and includes approximately 12,920 acres.

Forage and Vegetation
A wide variety of vegetation can be found on the C6. Numerous perennial grasses including blue grama, sideoats grama, hairy grama, sprucetop grama, purple grama, Texas timothy, green sprangletop, cane beardgrass, curly mesquite, plains lovegrass, several different muhlenbergias, and others can be found in abundance on the ranch. Annual grasses are present, but are less abundant than perennials. Browse species include mountain mahogany, cliff rose, ceanothus, and mountain laurel. Oak trees, juniper trees, and mesquite trees thrive on the hillsides; ash trees, sycamores and cottonwoods grace the riparian areas in canyon bottoms.

Elevation and Precipitation
The C6 ranges in elevation from 4,200 feet above sea level in Redrock Canyon to 5,953 feet at the junction of the Corral Canyon and Red Bear Pastures on the ridgeline of the Canelo Hills. Annual rainfall averages around fifteen inches. Temperatures are relatively mild, with summer highs occasionally reaching the mid-nineties and winter lows sometimes falling to the twenties.


  • Ranch House.
    Constructed in 2005-2006, the ranch house is about 1,600 square feet in size. Two Bedrooms, one bathroom, and an open living, dining and kitchen area are spacious and inviting. An extensive outside porch adds to the pleasure of living in this modern ranch house. The house is heated and air-conditioned.

  • Corrals
    The  Headquarters Corrals and the Alamo Corrals (located at the northeast corner of the ranch just south of Sonoita) serve as the principal corrals for the ranch. The Headquarters Corrals include a Powder River manual squeeze chute, three pens, a sorting lane and a tub. Interior corrals include the Oak Grove Corrals and the Corral Spring Corrals.

  • Barn/Shop
    The barn/shop is a low-profile structure measuring 40X40 and is supplied with power and water.

Domestic water at the C6 headquarters is obtained from a private well. Livestock water on the ranch is obtained from dirt tanks, wells, natural springs, running water, and an extensive system of pipelines (about 20 miles) supplied by wells that includes 26 drinkers and 10 dispersed water storage facilities throughout the ranch.

Utilities are provided at the ranch as follows:           

  • Electricity
    By Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative.

  • Telephone
    Telephone service is provided by Qwest.

  • Gas
    Propane is available from several companies that deliver product.

  • Sewage Disposal
    By septic tank and leaching field.

Grades K through 12 are provided by the public school system in nearby Patagonia.

Zoning, Property Taxes, and Grazing Fees
Private land on the C6 Ranch is zoned GR. 2010 property taxes for the C6 Ranch are $984.68. Grazing fees payable to the USFS are $ 1.35/AUM.

A wide variety of wildlife occupies the C6 ranch. Locally, the C6 has a reputation for being home to trophy deer. White tail deer, mule deer, javelina, coyotes, bobcats, occasional mountain lions and black bears live together with numerous small game species. Three species of quail occupy the ranch, and many different species of birds can be observed during the course of a year on the C6.

Price, Terms & Conditions
The C6 Ranch is for sale for $975,000 cash. The Ranch is shown by appointment only. To arrange a showing contact Fred Baker or Sam Hubbell at Headquarters West, Ltd. in Sonoita, Arizona.

The C6 has been well-managed, and is in good condition. It is probably the best-watered ranch of its kind Santa Cruz County. Consistently heavy shipping weights on C6 calves reflect the quality of its range and the current management of the C6.

Printable Brochure
Please click here to download (about 300KB) a printable brochure in Adobe Acrobat format. If you get frustrated trying to make this work on your computer, don't hesitate to ask us to mail you a printed and bound brochure instead.

Offered for sale exclusively by:
Headquarters West, Ltd.
Fred Baker
PO BOX 1039
Sonoita, AZ 85637
Phone (520) 455-5834; Cell (520) 603-3040

Email: info@headquarterswest.com

Web: www.headquarterswest.com/c6

Disclaimer: This information was obtained from sources deemed to be reliable but is not guaranteed by the Broker. Prospective buyers should check all the facts to their satisfaction. The property is subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal.

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