Wildhorse Ranch
Cochise County, Arizona


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[4] Owner's residence
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Location and Maps

General location in Arizona

Location map

Wild Horse Ranch is located in the San Pedro River Valley about eight miles north of Benson, Arizona. Getting there is easy. A brief drive north from Interstate 10 on Ocotillo Road takes you to the ranch. Only the last mile or so is unpaved, and that portion of the road is maintained by Cochise County. Views of the surrounding valley and mountains are as beautiful on the property as they are on the drive to the ranch.

General Description
Carefully and thoughtfully designed and constructed as a horse raising/training/boarding facility, Wild Horse occupies approximately 39.6 acres and includes an owner's residence, a large barn with four covered stalls and attached outdoor runs, two large laser leveled irrigated pastures, four turnout pens (two irrigated, two "dry"), a full size riding arena, two round pens, four additional covered stalls with partially covered runs, wash racks, and a dog house with run attached. The equestrian facilities are nestled in large, thick mesquite groves that provide shade and beauty for riding and walking. (See "Improvements and Details".)

Wild Horse was carefully updated in 2006 with a new, masonry entrance with electrically operated gates, a 3,000' road, approximately 5,000' of white vinyl pasture fencing, and new no-climb fencing around its entire perimeter. In addition, the home was updated with new mechanical systems, paint and carpet.

Climate, Elevation, and Precipitation
Wild Horse sets at an elevation of approximately 3,440 feet above sea level. Temperatures in January usually range between 29° and 63° Fahrenheit. July temperatures tend to range between 66° and 98° Fahrenheit. Annual precipitation averages around 11.4 inches.

Water is suppied by two irrigation wells and one artesian well, all located on the property. Each irrigation well is equipped with a submersible pump capable of delivering about 600 gallons per minute at the well-head. A submersible pump in the artesian well supplies the owner's residence with water for domestic purposes and yard water. All three submersible pumps are electricaly powered.

Electrical power is supplied by Suphur Springs Valley Electric Co-Op. Septic service is provided by conventional septic tank and leaching field. No propane or natural gas is currently in use on the premises.

Benson Public Schools. Elementary: Benson Primary School. Middle School: Benson Middle School. High School: Benson High School.

Zoning and Property Taxes
Wild Horse is zoned RU-4 in Cochise County. Property taxes for 2005 were $3,320.70.

Only rarely do you come across an equestrian property as carefully put together as Wild Horse Ranch. Thoughtful attention to functional details and careful construction of all its improvements are the hallmarks of Wild Horse Ranch. Space, beauty and privacy are also its hallmarks. Situated in the San Pedro River Valley as it is, Wild Horse enjoys wonderful views of several nearby mountain ranges.

Wild Horse is easily reached from Interstate 10. Shopping is easy in Benson, and Tucson- a major urban center- is not far away (about 45 miles). Benson Airport (a municipal airport ranked #1 in Arizona in 2002) is on the way to the ranch. Wild Horse Ranch is particularly well located in relation to growth patterns currently emerging in the Benson area. Given its zoning, Wild Horse also has potential for further subdivision and development. There are a number of possibilities for the future configuration and use of the property.

Wild Horse Ranch will afford its next owner a very special lifestyle, as well as good investment potential.

Improvements and Details

A Word About the Wild Horse Vinyl Fencing...
In 2006 the owners installed more than one mile of four-rail five-foot high white vinyl fencing on the ranch. This beautiful fencing extends along the entire front of the property, along both sides of the entry drive to the owner's residence, and around the irrigated pastures. This fencing is stunning in appearance and accentuates the beauty of the property.

And About the Wild Horse Perimeter Fence...
The entire perimeter of Wild Horse Ranch (approximately 7,010 feet or 1.33 miles) is fenced with 5 foot high, all steel pipe, top-rail no-climb fencing. Vertical posts are set in concrete about every 14 feet; all pipes are 1¾", and all pipe joints are miter welded. The white vinyl fencing where it occurs along the perimeter is set inside the no-climb fencing.

And Wild Horse Roads.
About 3,000 feet of carefully compacted and graded AB all-weather roadway has been built from the entrance to Wild Horse Ranch to the owner's residence and beyond, all the way to the barn and working/training area of the ranch.

The Entry
The attractive, inviting entry to Wild Horse Ranch was newly constructed in January, 2006. The entry consists of stuccoed walls and pillars set on concrete bases, topped with concrete crowns. A sixteen-foot, eight-inch wide two-panel ornamental iron gate (eight feet high) opens onto the tree-lined entry drive. The entry gates are controlled by remote control or lighted keypad from the outside, and open automatically when approached from inside when leaving the property. The entry drive is lined by five-foot high, four-rail white vinyl fencing.

The West Pasture
The West Pasture has been laser leveled in four tiers and measures approximately 330 feet by 406 feet. It is fenced on all four sides with five-foot high, four-rail white vinyl fencing, has two 10' gates, and is watered by flood irrigation. The West Pasture lies along the entry drive and adjoins the House Lot.

The East Pasture
The East Pasture adjoins the House Lot and measures approximately 300 feet by 900 feet. Like the West Pasture, it has been laser leveled, has two 10' gates, is flood irrigated, and is fenced in its entirety with five-foot high, four-rail white vinyl fencing.

The Northeast Turnout Pen
The Northeast Turnout Pen is situated just beyond the East Pasture, and measures 105 feet by 255 feet. This working pen or turnout pen is fenced with four-rail, white vinyl fencing. Access is gained through a ten foot gate on the south side of the lot. Beyond the Northeast Arena there is a native mesquite bosque that reaches to the eastern boundary of the property.

The Twin Turnout Pens
Two turnout pens, side by side, are situated west of the barn. Each pen measures about 75 feet by 315 feet. Each pen is equipped with a 20' X 24' covered loafing shed that provides shade, feed protection, and water. The east, west, and north sides of these turnout pens are fenced with five-foot high, top-rail no-climb fencing. The south side of the turnout pens is fenced with four-rail steel pipe fencing combined with forty-eight feet of the metal siding that comprises the south side of the loafing sheds. Both of these pens can be irrigated, and each is accessed through a ten-foot gate on its south side.

The Barn
The carefully designed barn includes the following:
(a) 20 X 20 covered shavings storage area
(b) 20 X 60 covered equipment/hay storage area
(c) 20 X 47 enclosed equipment/hay storage area
(d) 10 X 33 enclosed storage room
(e) 10 X 10 enclosed grain room
(f) 10 X 23 enclosed tool room
(g) 8 X 10 tiled laundry room
(h) 6 X 10 bathroom
(i) 10 X 21 tiled tack room
(j) Farrier pad and 2 grooming racks, rubber matted
(k) 10 X 80 central alley, rubber matted
(l) Four 20 X 22 covered horse stalls connected to
(m) Four 20 X 30 open runs
(n) Its own separately pressurized water system

The barn is constructed of concrete block and is roofed with metal roofing. Its layout is highly efficient and, at the same time, utilitarian. Considerable attention has been paid to functional detail, and makes handling horses in the barn easy.

The Southwest Turnout Pen
The Southwest Turnout Pen is situated south of the Twin Turnout Pens and west of the barn. It measures 145 feet by 248 feet, and is fenced with five-foot high white vinyl fencing. This working pen or turnout pen is gated on its east side and is large enough to serve as an arena. It could also be easily irrigated, if so desired.

The Four Stall Complex
The Four Stall Complex is located north of the barn behind, and east of, the wash racks. This complex consists of four 32' X 32' covered pens and runs, a grooming rack, and a ten-foot wide covered walkway. The stalls are of all steel construction. Stall fences are five feet high, three-rail, 3½" welded steel pipe set in concrete. All four stalls are partially protected from sunlight and weather by metal roofing. Stalls are equipped with feeders and waters.

The Southeast Arena
The Southeast Arena is located directly east of the barn, and is easily accessed from the barn. Measuring 145' X 260', this arena is gated with twelve-foot gates at both its east and its west ends, very near the runs connected to the barn. At the northeast corner of the arena, a gate opens into an 80' diameter round pen. Construction is steel pipe, five rails, posts set in concrete. This is a very convenient layout and arrangement for a wide variety of training and practice activities.

The Big Round Pen
The Big Round Pen is about 80 feet in diameter and 6½ feet high. Its sides are of 3½" steel pipe, miter welded and set in concrete. The Big Round Pen opens into the Southeast Arena, and is also gated to the outside.

The Small Round Pen
The Small Round Pen is freestanding and is situated just south of the Southeast Arena. About 50' in diameter and 6' 4" high, construction is 3½" steel pipe miter welded and set in concrete. Vertical posts are set about every 14 feet, bottom rail is about 16" off the ground, and all five rails are about 12" apart. This pen is gated outside to the West.

The Wash Rack
Two wash racks are situated side by side, just across the driveway north of the barn. Together they measure 11' X 18'. The wash racks are supplied with hot and cold running water and their own weather vane.

The Dog House and Run
The dog house is 16' X 32' and has a 32' X 67' run attached to it. Thus, plenty of space is available for confining dogs, should the need arise.

Price, Terms, and Conditions
$900,000 cash or present terms offer; reduced from $2,500,000
Price does not include equipment or personal property.

Printable Brochure
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Disclaimer: This information was obtained from sources deemed to be reliable but is not guaranteed by the Broker. Prospective buyers should check all the facts to their satisfaction. The property is subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal.

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