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Apache Pass HYL Ranch
Cochise County, Arizona


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[1] Rock inscriptions at Goodwin Spring
[2] View of Headquarters Improvements
[3] Ft. Bowie Ruins
[4] Deeded land on W Side of Ranch
-[6] Interior of House
[7] House
-[8] Corrals and Hay Barn
[9] View N towards Government Peak


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General Description
The Apache Pass HYL Ranch is located approximately 100 miles east of Tucson, Arizona in Cochise County.  Access is via Apache Pass Road from the Bowie exit on Interstate 10.  Apache Pass Road provides paved access to the ranch.

The Apache Pass HYL Ranch lies between the Dos Cabezas Mountains to the northwest and the Chiricahua Mountains to the southeast.  This junction of the two mountain ranges creates a natural pass that has been used by travelers for centuries.  The area is very scenic and consists of rolling to mountainous terrain.  The Apache Pass HYL Ranch completely surrounds the Ft. Bowie National Historic Site and contains many historic sites. 

Apache Pass is named for the tribe of Native Americans that inhabited this area.  There are several natural springs in Apache Pass, the largest named Apache Spring.  As this was the only water within many miles, early travelers were obligated to use this Pass to travel through southern Arizona.  The Chiricahua Apache tribe used the opportunity of only one watering place to ambush travelers as they came through the Pass.  The early Spaniards called it Puerto del Dado, the Pass of Chance.

The Butterfield Overland Mail established a Stage Station in the Pass in July 1858.  The Station masters befriended the Apache chief Cochise in an effort to ensure safe passage for the Overland Mail.  Cochise frequently camped at Goodwin Spring, which is just west of the Apache Pass HYL Ranch headquarters.  The peace lasted until the Bascom Affair in February 1861, which resulted in captives being taken and executed by both the Army and the Apache.

The Battle of Apache Pass occurred as the California Column crossed the Pass in July 1862 and was ambushed by the Apache while trying to get water at Apache Spring.  The Army managed to drive the Apache away with two mountain howitzers.  The result was the construction of Ft. Bowie to protect the precious water of Apache Spring. 

Ft. Bowie remained a Calvary post throughout the Apache wars.  At the time of Geronimo’s final surrender in 1886, he and his tribe were brought to Ft. Bowie and assembled for their train ride to exile in Florida.  Ft. Bowie was closed in 1894 and the surrounding ranches, including the Apache Pass HYL Ranch, salvaged materials to construct housing and other improvements.  The ruins of Ft. Bowie may be visited today.

Many areas of the ranch reflect the interesting history of the area.  Goodwin Spring has several rock inscriptions, some which date back to the 1880’s.  Portions of the Butterfield Overland Mail road cross the ranch.  There are many other places on the ranch to explore that reflect the centuries of passage through this area by many cultures. 

Land Tenure
The Apache Pass HYL Ranch consists of:

Deeded Land
State Grazing Lease
BLM Grazing Allotment

The BLM Silverstrike  Alloment is administered as approximately 2,890 acres of BLM lands plus 4,256 acres of deeded lands and is rated for 99 head of cattle annually.  The BLM Apache Springs Allotment consists of approximately 1,390 acres of BLM land and is rated for 56 head of cattle from March 1 to April 30 each year.  The State Grazing Lease is rated for 7 head of cattle annually.  The total annual carrying capacity is 115 head.

Climate and Elevation
The Apache Pass HYL Ranch has a mild climate with Summer highs in the mid 90’s and Winter lows in the mid 30’s.  Precipitation averages 14 inches per year.  The elevation ranges from 4,000 to 6,200 feet above sea level.

The Apache Pass HYL Ranch is watered by several natural springs.  In addition, there is a well with submersible pump at the headquarters.  The headquarters also receives water from Goodwin Spring, which flows into a large pond.

The headquarters improvements consist of an approximately 2,900 square foot house with four bedrooms and three baths that was initially constructed in 1918 and has been remodeled over the years.  There is a small Bunk House/Storage Room building adjacent to the house.  In addition, there is also a modern Hay Barn, older Hay Barn and livestock corrals.  The older Hay Barn has timbers in it that were salvaged from Ft. Bowie after it’s abandonment in 1894. 


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